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Join Global Majority and Professor Michael Buckley in January 2015 for the Chile J-Term practicum, “Transitional Injustice,” Human Rights and Chile’s Vulnerable Populations.

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Each January since 2008, Global Majority, in partnership with the College University of New York, leads a three-week graduate seminar focusing on Chile’s transition to democracy after the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet and the continuing struggle of the Mapuche Nation.

This seminar focuses on the current human rights violations in Chilean society through an extensive curriculum that incorporates both academic and personal testimonies of Pinochet-era torture victims, student movement, anti-terrorism laws, environmental degradation and conflict, and indigenous autonomy.

Led by Global Majority IAB member Hon. Juan Salvador Guzmán Tapia, Global Majority Vice President Lejla Mavris and Global Majority Board Member Michael Buckley, the seminar participants:

  • analyze Pinochet-era human rights violations
  • work directly on Chilean and international human and indigenous rights
  • collect data from Mapuche civil society groups and local institutions
  • help spread awareness about Mapuche indigenous rights situation
  • formulate potential solutions
  • in-field experience on generating qualitative data through direct observation, interviewing, and surveying

The team does not serve as project “implementers,” but as partners, working with indigenous groups to promote advocacy and agency.

About the Program Coordinators:

Michael Buckley is a professor at the College University of New York.

Hon. Juan Salvador Guzmán Tapia prosecuted former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet on grave human rights charges. He is also an educator of human rights and criminal law and serves on the Global Majority International Advisory Board.

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