Dr. Jan Knippers Black

Esteemed Professor at Monterey Institute of International Studies, Fulbright Scholar, and keen human rights activist, Global Majority welcomes Dr. Jan Knippers Black to the International Advisory Board.  Dr. Black has completed fellowships in South America, the Caribbean, India and multiple other places.  She was also a Peace Corps volunteer in Chile.  Dr. Black has published a number of books, including “The Politics of Human Rights Protection”, which has been implemented by a number of universities nationally and internationally. Dr. Black has been an enthusiastic supporter of Global Majority for many years.

Welcome Jan!

Cornelius Kees Steenken

Global Majority welcomes Cornelius Kees Steenken, past Senior Advisor DDR at the Swedish National Defence College, to the International Advisory Board.  Mr. Steenken is an expert on DDR related work and was a crucial part of the developing the United Nations Integrated DDR Standards.  He was also the first Coordinator of the UN Inter-Agency Working Group on DDR, for which he helped to maintain18 UN agencies that were working on DDR. Mr. Steenken is a strong supporter of the DDR process and believes cooperation through this process is possible and successful.

Welcome Kees!