Global Majority is an international organization committed to the promotion of 

nonviolent conflict management through education, training, and advocacy.


Since 2004, Global Majority has equipped thousands of youth and adults to abandon violent conflict for peaceful, proven practices to resolving conflict. Regardless of your professional field or age, knowing how to effectively address conflict is crucial for success; yes it is a difficult, but the consequences of violence and protracted conflict are too costly. In order to preserve life and peace, Global Majority’s model of education, training, and advocacy is founded on prevention rather than reaction.

Global Majority carries out its mission through its local and international programs. Internationally, we lead conflict resolution training seminars in conflict regions across the globe to equip conflict parties and stakeholders to have dialogue to establish understanding and peace. Locally, in Salinas, California, we redirect at-risk youth into constructive, non-violent community members by teaching proven conflict resolution skills and strategies.

Global Majority has trained over 1000 participants in its international seminars and 79 high school students along with 97 elementary and middle school students in nonviolent conflict resolution. We have created peacemakers in violent areas of the world. We have brought enemies together to establish a mutual understanding. We have empowered the citizens of the world to take a stand against violence.

We represent the billions of people who wish to live in peace. We are the Global Majority.


“I learned a lot from what you guys taught us and I really appreciated you for your time, effort and love that you showed us and me that really impacted my life in the happiest way I could be. I now know how to handle conflicts arguments in a better manner without getting out of hand.”

– Carlos, Rancho Cielo Conflict Management Program Fall 2013


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