Camilo Ortiz Visits Rancho Cielo

Camilo Ortiz of the Youth Orchestra Salinas (YOSAL) joined Global Majority for our conflict resolution class at Rancho Cielo on Friday, September 27. YOSAL aims to transform the lives of Salinas’ youth through inspiration, discipline and performance of classical ensemble music. Camilo shared his experience as a Colombian immigrant to the U.S. and the struggle he faced in his first years living here. Music became his passion and an outlet to escape his life of hardship. YOSAL helps students develop tools to manage life’s challenges and gives them hope for a bright future. Budding musicians learn the value of teamwork and the importance of individual responsibility. Rancho Cielo students made music together, learning collaboration and cooperation, all critical skills needed for effectively resolving conflict.

Global Majority is pleased to have worked with YOSAL and we look forward to future collaborations! Learn More.