Conflict Management In Schools

Global Majority’s Salinas Peacemakers Program at Rancho Cielo and Salinas Youth Center, is a 14-15 week elective studies course for student leaders to develop practical skills in conflict resolution and negotiation as well as civic engagement.

The program curriculum includes:

  • strategies for dealing with conflict in their personal lives
  • skill building in effective communication
  • training in interest-based negotiation techniques
  • a student-led and implemented service learning project in their community
  • guest speakers
  • multiple role-plays and simulations
  • presentation, critical thinking and team work practice

Working with the at-risk youth of the Rancho Cielo Silver Star program and Salinas Community School, we anticipate that students who graduate from the course will effectively utilize conflict management skills in all areas of their lives as they break out of the incarceration cycle.

Service Learning

Service learning requires students to give of their time and talent to advance the common good. The program’s service learning project will address a student-selected community conflict that is of concern to the class members.

Some examples of service projects:

  • advocacy campaign for drug-free lifestyles
  • open dialogue workshop with local police officers
  • mentoring children in conflict management
  • training teachers in conflict resolution techniques.

SCS SLD Fall 2014

Agents of Change Fellowship

Outstanding graduates from the course will be eligible for the Global Majority Fellowship, which will provide them a professional opportunity to continue their learning through practical application.

About Rancho Cielo Youth Campus

Rancho Cielo is a comprehensive learning and social services center for under-served youth in Monterey County.

Rancho Cielo Youth Campus Mission Statement:

To partner with the community to provide a safe campus to deliver programs and services that inspire at risk youth to learn new skills, gain self-esteem and confidence.  

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About Salinas Youth Center

The Youth Center program includes educational and rehabilitation opportunities offered through collaboration with other county agencies and departments, as well as private and business sectors of the community

Youth Center mission statement:

The Monterey County Youth Center is dedicated to providing individualized treatment and education in a respectful and safe environment while preparing youth for a successful transition to families and community.

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